About us

Biswa Foundation is a IT Solutions And Digital Marketing Company that has been consistently delivering quality services with the use of effective practices and a highly talented team. We offer a range of expertise to help our customers re-invent and re-engineer their businesses to compete successfully in an ever-changing marketplace.

We are a young team of all-round technocrats who are involved in development and design of softwares and mobile apps for businesses and other customers. We believe that innovation is the genius of our generation, Our developers eat, drink , code and play with their roles all day long. The designers are always involved in creating alien designs giving them the aura of colors.

About us

We believe in optimizing the business process by continuously learning as much as possible. We approach each customer with a vision of a long-term relationship and believe in providing quality work each time. We identify customer’s specific needs, determine strategies and develop solutions to ensure that the end result is more than satisfactory. Our team of specialists and strong knowledge base allows us to take any project from inception, through requirements and design, to implementation and installation. For each step in the execution of the project, we do our best to perform tasks with responsibility by using knowledge, creativity and skills to the utmost efficiency.

We are always happy to address any question, concern or idea from the customer’s end with friendly discussions, to reach the best decisions. Client satisfaction is our driving force. We deliver our promises, and acknowledge our mistakes. We understand the importance of business ethics and trust to achieve stable ongoing growth.

We work towards achieving optimization in all processes and believe success of any company is based on the essential factors – Quality, Time and Cost.

Biswa Foundation aspires to help customers maximize return on investment from their IT investments, with its highly effective suite of services driven by an efficient delivery model.

We believe in Technical Expertise, Superior Service, Customer Satisfaction is the key to Success!

Why Choose Biswa Foundation


Why Choose Us

Biswa Foundation is working with businesses, we know that every small goal is part of a larger strategy. If you need a new website, chances are you’re trying to reach a new audience or improve your digital branding. If you’re interested in pay-per-click advertising, perhaps you’re trying to find cost-efficient ways to attract customers. By understanding your business needs and building each solution around them, we help you achieve both long and short-term goals.

Why Choose Us

Who is IVenture


Who is Iventure
  • Our Mission :

    Our Mission is to remain the premiere marketing and design resource that entrepreneurs and forward thinkers of all kinds utilize for every print, web & marketing need .

  • Our Philosophy :

    We believe in treating others, whether they be customers, fellow employees, investors or the community at large, in the same manner that we like to be treated. We are about respect, mutually beneficial collaboration, growth, diversity of perspective, and appreciation.

  • Our Promise :

    We get the job done, we get it done well, we get it done right. We get it done efficiently and up to speed with every highest quality standard imaginable. Biswa Foundation brings well talents, and knowledge to the table .